We offer onsite chair massage therapy at your place of business or for corporate/special events.

Positivity in the workplace starts within.  How can you creatively boost employee morale, de-stress your team, and improve employee retention? Want to show appreciation and thank your team?  Chair massage may be just what your company needs!

Add chair massage to your next employee appreciation day, special event, sporting event, or wellness program. Just walk in and relax and we’ll do the rest!   Your skilled, caring therapist will customize mini-massage for each individual.

We take care of everything needed to deliver an awesome chair massage experience to your group. Short 10 to 30 minute sessions means we can see a large number of people at a time. The participants remain fully clothed, so we can set up anywhere; in an office, special event, or on a sports field.

  • At your location
  • 2 hour minimum
  • $225 for 2 hours/per therapist including set-up and break-down